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2017 Full Year Consolidated Guidance1

The purpose of the financial outlook is to assist investors, shareholders, and others in understanding certain financial metrics relating to expected 2017 financial results for evaluating the performance of our business. This information may not be appropriate for other purposes. Information about our guidance, including the various assumptions underlying it, is forward-looking and should be read in conjunction with “About Forward-Looking Information”, “Risks and Uncertainties Affecting Our Business”, and the related disclosure in our 2016 MD&A and information about various economic, competitive, and regulatory assumptions, factors, and risks that may cause our actual future financial and operating results to differ from what we currently expect.

We provide annual guidance ranges on a consolidated full-year basis that are consistent with annual full-year Board-approved plans. Any updates to our full-year financial guidance over the course of the year would only be made to the consolidated guidance ranges that appear below.


Full Year 2017 Guidance1

(In millions of dollars, except percentages)
Consolidated Guidance 2016
2017 Original Guidance3 Revised Guidance
Revenue 2016 Actual 13,702 Increase of 3% to 5% unchanged
Adjusted operating profit2 2016 Actual 5,092 Increase of 2% to 4% 5% - 6% growth
Additions to property, plant and equipment, net3 2016 Actual 2,352 2,250 to 2,350 2,350 - 2,450
Free cash flow2 2016 Actual 1,705 Increase of 2% to 4% unchanged
Achievements Achievements Achievements Achievements Achievements Achievements